Year | 2007
Int/ext | ext
Url | link
Bottles |
Type | Exhibition
Construction | Pressed bottle-blocks
Materials | PET bottles | steel
Function | Awareness | Exhibition
Authors | Salzig Design
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Location | Netherlands

The Trash temple is constructed out of a number of blocks which are actually pressed bales of millions of PET bottles. The temple was designed by Salzig Design. The structure won second prize at the International Ideas Competition at Folly Dock 2007.
The temple was seven meters high, 10 meters wide, and has a circumference of about 25 meters. Visitors could climb up to the top and also enter the structure on ground level. The idea was that in this place where they could perceive the smell of the garbage they would understand the uselessness of overproduction. The structure was surrounded by thousands of sunflowers that marked the footpaths and added symmetry to the place of contemplation.


Temple of Trash
Inside the temple