The dream became reality:

Installations at the Student night Level 3 at FS ČVUT Prague

One of the best installations:

Here we show the individual results of Students‘ installations.


Students designed 15 installations, 13 of which we present here:


We also started preparation of the installations on Tuesday 8th March :

Workshop I
Workshop I

Experimental Studio Achten/Nováková (ČVUT),  seminář Ambient Architektura (UK) together with PET-MAT (ČVUT/Mattoni) accepted the task to provide an Event Studentská Noc level 3 with installation.  This is the list of projects that should be done:

  • decoration of 3 corridors
  • 3+ tables
  • DJ pult
  • Stage
  • 3 Bars
  • chandelier

There are  9 groups of students in the PET(b)ar studio with 4 assistants working on the projects. External forces ware called from IIM Fel and Fsv. This project also runs in cooperation with students from SNM UK.


First designs are here on Tuesday 1st March:


Introduction of the course on Tuesday 23rd March: 50 People in the studio!

Scheme of the spaces of the event Student Night
Scheme of the spaces of the event Student Night