The project of PETree was started by PET-MAT (Nováková – Prokop) and Experimental studio Achten-Nováková at Fa CTU Prague with support of KMV a.s. It is a pilot project of an experimental construction made by selfbearing PET-bottle structure in form of a 5 meters tall christmas tree. The structure is hollow and works as an exhibition room in order to mediate information on the facts about reusable waste, focused on plastic garbage, represented by PET bottles. The tree has the aim to show the value of plastic PET garbage and its unbelievable quantity, which depends on consumers: all of us. The tree consists of 12 thousand 1,5l PET bottles, connected by wireframe and ropes. One Primary school and twelve highschools from Prague, Mladá Boleslav, Kolín, Slaný and Sedlčany took part on collection and they were also building a construction panel with decoration. The tree is enlightened at night with interesting lightshow delivered by IIM CVUT Prague. The PETree exhibition is open daily from 9 AM to 10 PM.
PETree – sunrise
PETree at night
vizualization versus reality

Project of developing a christmas tree made of PET bottles started in July/October 2015. Its development is described here in the form of Blog. It is in english because of internationality of the Team. The project is still running in the Experimental studio Achten – Nováková, ATV 15116, FA, CVUT, Praha. Now It´s done!

Video from Henri

Video from Henri

Video from Henri

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Vivat the schools! 8 schools participating until now, 4more schools will join the project in the next few days. The deadline for finishing is 20th November. Building event is on 27th November. The light opening party takes place on the 1st of December at 18:00 in front of National technical library.


We changed the final location  of the tree: it will be standing in the CVUT campus:

Rozsvícený strom před NTK v kampusu ČVUT
Rozsvícený strom před NTK v kampusu ČVUT

The project is running rather fast, here you can find the principles of decoration of the outer side.

The prototype of the panel looks like this:


The crew is working hard. Some of the teammates may have appeared in your school.

Průvodci Kac a Šimon s Jakubem
Iniciators: Kac a Šimon with Jakub in the middle

PETree – krátké prezentační portfolio pro školy

The project of developing the PET bottle christmas tree was defended at KMV (Mattoni). Alessandro Pasquale, the director of the company, seemed to like it very much and agreed on financing the project. Hurray! This means several conditions were decided to hold up to. The project must be held like a studio at Faculty of architecture and students must take part on it. Also school children from Czech republic should take part on building the tree by assembling panels. This means that the structure of the tree must take in account the trees feasibility by letting schoolchildren constructing the parts. The tree should be hollow and the cave inside should serve as a „room“ for exhibition. The project targets the problem of plastics and its recycling. Also the idea is to pioneer the process of construction of an easy PETree, which could that be adopted by any other school in any other country.

We are thus opening a 4ECTS Experimental project within experimental studio Achten-Pavlicek, where we invite master students from any university in CR,  who would like to take part in it. Positions: Civil Engineer, Architect, Designer, Master student of Economy, PR specialist:-)

Patterns_02Tvar_09 copyDenser_nolight copy7,5m_nice pattern-web



Just a few screenshots from the process: