Photos of the real unit with natural and artificial light:

First trial blow-moulding in KRONES. We are pleased withe results: we wanted the company to do undoable, and they did it: Our first prototype is here! The results were unacceptable for the food industry, but they were well enough for us. It was holding together! We are starting the first tests.

Model of the brick from styrene (Plastspol). We compare this with the model that is 3D printed using PLA/ABS.

Model of the virtual brick:

First model of bottle. Full. It is interesting that all dimension are in interaction! One depend on the other. We printed first 3D PLA model.


From sketches we reached the stadium of models soon. The first sketches came into existence in summer 2014. There were several months of sketching and discussions. The team PET-MAT had originally only five members: 3 designers of the bottle and two additional people for handling the finance and science research.

lego3 004