Year | 2011
Int/ext | ext
Bottles | 1200
Type | House
Construction | Brick-wall
Materials | bottle caps | PET bottles | tetra-pack carton | wooden frame
Function | Housing
Authors | Alfredo Santa Cruz
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Location | Argentína

La Casa Botellas in Puerto Iguazu in Argentina is the work of Alfredo Santa Cruz, who is neither architect nor engineer. Initially he built a play-house for his daughter from recycled materials and found the result so fascinating that he decided to continue. He built a residence for his family much in the same spirit as Andreas Froese discusses earlier in this book: to solve the garbage problem in combination with housing shortage. Within the wooden frame he placed about 1200 PET bottles as filling; he made curtains out of the bottle caps, and the roof contains 1300 re-used tetrapackages.

Casa 60 Popayan
foto: Alfred Santa Cruz
Del Campillo Cordoba
foto: Alfred Santa Cruz
Dům 63, Porto Rico
foto: Alfredo Santa Cruz