New photos


Today, we received new photos from the EXPO and two beautiful messages!

First was from Mrs Rusnakova, who says: „the benches work and shine, no problem!“

The second message was from Jindra, the photographer: „The visitors like the project, they think there is a great potential and they want to buy it.“

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The second trip, photos of what we did:-)


There is 17 pieces of PET(ch)air at the EXPO. They are assembled from Polycarbonate meshes and curtain hooks. The hooks are a little unstable and break sometimes, se we are curious if the installation works and the benches are not broken. We also constructed two more benches from the bottles whcih arrived to Milan from Krones one month ago, when they finally fornd their way to the warehouse. We had to bring a big box of hundred bottles through the regular pedestrian entrance to the EXPO, which meant travelling to the warehouse in Rho by train. This was the easiest possible way of transporting all the bottles to the Czech pavilion.



(CZ) Na EXPU je nyní umístěno 17 kusů PET(ch)air, které jsou smontovány pomocí dvou desek, vlasců a háčků na záclony. Nyní čekáme, zda háčky budou tak poruchové jako jsme zjistili než jsme tam jeli. Zkonstruovali jsme i další dvě lavičky z namíchaných modrých a průhledných lahví, které jsme den před tím vysvobodili ze skladu od Josephiny. Jeli jsme tam vlakem a box jsme dotáhli pěšky přes klasický vstup a „letištní“ tunel. Nejjednodušší řešení, vlastně. Ono to nádraží nebylo zas tak daleko od skladu ve Rho.

IMG_4429 IMG_4430


Some of the benches spent one day in the forst floor in the exhibition of Czech Republic, where they were frequently used by the EXPO visitors, who were looking for their tablets in order to interact with the posters.

Lavičky jsou umístěné ve druhém patře, svůj den ovšem strávili i v expozici krajů, kde byly hojně využívány, neboť tam si lidé rádi sedli, aby vyndali své tablety a využili interaktivity výstavy.


Second trip to EXPO

Monday, 22nd .June: We are at the EXPO again. Last night 12 PET(ch)airs arrived, exactly at 2:29. We installed them immediately into the rooms on the first and second floor. They look great although not as exclusive as before. I have the feeling it was a little bit more fancy with just a few of them. They seemed like an exhibition. Now they look more ordinary. But they still look nice, of course. People walk around and look for a seating, which they appreciate, particularly when they climb the steps.

Museum Night

I would also like to comment on the past few great events: The Museum night, Felfest and Mattoni cocktail party at Staroměstské náměstí. Our PET(ch)airs accepted the invitation of all of them. Fourteen PET(ch)airs were exhibited at the museum night, where they were heavily used for sitting.  Kids tested them by jumping on them and truly: our new technology may not be the safest. We invented that we will hook the nylons by special hooks for curtains. Now the hooks are placed to withstand the forces of pressure against the floor and some of them broke after the event. So maybe they are not as strong. So maybe this is not appropriate technology.

Photo from the Museum Night



Too many things happened. We went to EXPO in Milan for 3 days. Benches are installed there, now in the second floor in the art exposition among big Czech artists Nepraš and Rittstein and they are shining!

I got wrong address from Mattoni, so my ordered PET(b)ricks and caps did not arrive to that address. I found the packages in the end in the evening on the Czech Day event. I saw just half of the programme, the rest of the day I spent searching for the deliveries, which I found with help of very nice people in the warehouse of DHL.

Meet Šimon

From now on, I, Šimon Prokop, have an access to the sites- Yey! We are looking forward to having a mould for our brick-like bottle. It should be done every moment and we are pretty curious, how the first prototype will look like. Today a lecturer told me, that architects must cooperate with people from industry and I was laughing – is this not what we are doing? But we are telling the people from industry what they should do. [Š]

Seeking collaborations

We are finishing the papers for the grant GACR. We must find prestigeous conferences to participate on, universities in EU to collaborate with. We found one in Aachen and one in Stuttgart. Henri is doing the structure of the research. We are looking for chemists and people from building industry and industry.  [K]