Pagoda (PET art)

Veronika Richterová is a Czech PET bottle artist having generated thousands of art objects from this material. Additionally, she has collected PET bottles from all over the world to showcase them in a museum of PET bottles.

The artist is presenting a possible use of PET bottles in theatre architecture or public installations. For transforming the material she employs hot air gun and regular carpentry tools. Attachment points are purely mechanical and the sculptures can be recycled after demounting.


Botafogo fish

Three giant fish made out of PET bottles was an installation that was part of a United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The three fish were created under the slogan »recycle your attitude« and should resemble a family. The sculptures can be lit at night in various colors.

Cup City

Legge Lewis Legge Cup City was a temporary interactive art installation comprised of a 2000- square-foot structure built using rented chain link fence panels at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, September 23–25, 2005, in Austin, Texas. Over the course of three days, concertgoers filled the structure with approximately 25,000 recycled cups and bottles. Budget $5000 Commissioned by and presented in collaboration with Austin Green Art. The walls of the lounge were slowly filled with disposable containers by concert-goers and volunteers, many of whom spent hours arranging and rearranging patterns in the chain link panel walls.  Cup City engaged and displayed a portion of the Festival crowds’ stream of consumption, diverting approximately 25,000 used bottles, cups and cans into its ever-changing web. 

Cup City inside, photo: Andrea Leggeegge
Cup City construction, photo: Andrea Leggeegge
Cup City inside, photo: Andrea Leggeegge


The Great Indoors

Ethereal Plastic Art 2008

Aurora Robson is a Canadian artist who has been working with garbage for over 10 years. During this time around 80 000 PET bottles went through her hands and easily 100 000 caps. In The Great Indoors instalation she had collected 15 000 PET bottles to assemble an exotic looking tunnel in a gallery. Not only she had collected the bottles on her own, but she also engages homeless and poor people in the collecting of bottles.

Currently, she is not only organising a collective of artists working with plastic debris called Project Vortex but she is also teaching a course on how to work with garbage.

Aurora Robson
The Great Indoors
18 September – 26 October 2008

Relax square

ECO Project with students of the Experimental studio Achten/Nováková at FA CTU Prague2014. Relax square was showing one minute production of PET bottles. It took only few hours to assemble.