Goodbye EXPO!



The EXPO story is over. Last night in the pavilion. Finally, we were able to make our PET(ch)airs independent and switch them on without being plugged in. Eight shining chairs were put in front of the pavilion and through a private wifi called WHITE we could change their colours. We also tried to make them float in the basin. They would not sink at all, they swam while changing colours. On the 22nd of October our van vent through CARGO 5 and took all the 14 PET(ch)airs home. Why only 14 out of 17? The three of them are going for a trip. They were loaned to a famous photographer, Rossano b. Maniscalchi, who intends to make an exhibition of his photos inside of the bottles. The exhibition is to travel around the world, so you might be able to see the photos as messages in the bottles-PET(b)ricks in China or in Prague, finally.

Final art outside
Final art outside

Pet(ch)air climbs to the top

Installation of PET(ch)airs on the top of the roof in Milano

The next step of the PET(ch)air evolution is going out to the external space: the terrace, patio, the garden. The idea is that they will gain freedom of electricity net by using solar panels to load their tiny batteries, which can handle up to 3hour lighting. It could be done by a simple timer inside of the cube, but we wanted the visitors to play around with them and also to have control over the the cubes from a remote place, so we used wifi access point in order to switch them on and off e.g. from Prague. Now the installations is running in its initial state, the wifi access point in the pavilion could not be properly installed on the roof,  but this experiment proved applicability of the concept, together that it was really installed and working one evening in the pavilion. We changed 9 cubes into independent solar rechargeable objects, while preserving their initial functionality. So now two types of lights are positioned inside: IKEA ready made lights with electricity plug and led light stripes with solar panels and remote control.

In the first step of installation we implemented all the electronics inside of one of the bricks an put solar panels into the top layer. The panels are placed vertically, which is not optimal, but that can still catch enough light in order to shine for several hours at night.




New photos


Today, we received new photos from the EXPO and two beautiful messages!

First was from Mrs Rusnakova, who says: „the benches work and shine, no problem!“

The second message was from Jindra, the photographer: „The visitors like the project, they think there is a great potential and they want to buy it.“

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The second trip, photos of what we did:-)


There is 17 pieces of PET(ch)air at the EXPO. They are assembled from Polycarbonate meshes and curtain hooks. The hooks are a little unstable and break sometimes, se we are curious if the installation works and the benches are not broken. We also constructed two more benches from the bottles whcih arrived to Milan from Krones one month ago, when they finally fornd their way to the warehouse. We had to bring a big box of hundred bottles through the regular pedestrian entrance to the EXPO, which meant travelling to the warehouse in Rho by train. This was the easiest possible way of transporting all the bottles to the Czech pavilion.



(CZ) Na EXPU je nyní umístěno 17 kusů PET(ch)air, které jsou smontovány pomocí dvou desek, vlasců a háčků na záclony. Nyní čekáme, zda háčky budou tak poruchové jako jsme zjistili než jsme tam jeli. Zkonstruovali jsme i další dvě lavičky z namíchaných modrých a průhledných lahví, které jsme den před tím vysvobodili ze skladu od Josephiny. Jeli jsme tam vlakem a box jsme dotáhli pěšky přes klasický vstup a „letištní“ tunel. Nejjednodušší řešení, vlastně. Ono to nádraží nebylo zas tak daleko od skladu ve Rho.

IMG_4429 IMG_4430


Some of the benches spent one day in the forst floor in the exhibition of Czech Republic, where they were frequently used by the EXPO visitors, who were looking for their tablets in order to interact with the posters.

Lavičky jsou umístěné ve druhém patře, svůj den ovšem strávili i v expozici krajů, kde byly hojně využívány, neboť tam si lidé rádi sedli, aby vyndali své tablety a využili interaktivity výstavy.